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        Skipjack- pink edge glow bellySkipjack- tequila sunriseSkipjack- gold blue zebra glowAngoli- pink holo zebraAngoli- pink holo zebra glowFaith- pink zebra holoFaith- orange zebra holoAngoli- rainbow of death zebra glowAngoli- rainbow of death glow edgeAngoli- blue holo glow tipAngoli- holographicFaith- yellow zebra glowFaith- pink zebra glowFaith- orange zebra glowAqua zebra glowAngoli- black orange glow edgeAngoli- green sardine/ herringAngoli- red silver zebra glow backSkipjack- yellow zebra glowSkipjack- orange zebra glow/holo backRuby- pink zebra glowRuby- orange zebra glowRuby- emerald glow tipsRuby- holo pink zebra glowRuby- red gold green holo zebra glowRuby- gun metal holo zebra glowMatte black zebra glowMatte red zebra glowAll glow blue/purple/pink backAngoli- black glow bottom rfs special fish scale glow dotAngoli- aqua glow tipsAll gold glow edgeMatte red rfs special fish scale glow dotsRuby- yellow zebra glowAngoli- bright yellow super zebra glowAngoli- blue orange glow edgeAngoli- blue purple glow edgeAngoli- pink zebra glowAngoli- pink zebra glow/glow scale backBlue pink zebra glowPurple yellow glow belly (joker)Rainbow of death glow edgeGold zebra glowPink glow tipsAngoli- pink crackle glowAngoli- orange crackle glowAngoli- chartreuse crackle glowBlue foil zebra glowRainbow of death zebra glowPurple foil chart bellyPink foil zebra glowAll glow pink tipsAll glow orange tipsAll glow yellow tipsRainbow of death foil zebra glowPink blue foil zebra glowAll glow pink tipChrome glop tip orangeChrome glow tip blueChrome glow tip pinkYellow zebra glowOrange zebra glowAll glow pink edgePink zebra glowSardineAll glow orange tipAll glow yellow tipOrange crackle

        RFS Rockcaster Fishing Story Angoli / Faith / Ruby / Skipjack / Coral / Pompano

        $11.99 – $37.99
        Zebra glowBlueOrangeGoldPinkGlowAll gold zebraAll gold pink stripe zebra glow

        JYG Pro Deep 200G Slow Pitch Jigs

        $13.99 – $15.99