Matte black zebra glowMatte red zebra glowBlue pink zebra glowBright yellow super zebra glowBlack orange glow edgePurple yellow glow belly (joker)Blue orange glow edgeBlue purple glow edgeGold zebra glowRainbow of death glow edgePink zebra glowPink glow tipsBlack glow bottom rfs special fish scale glow dotAqua glow tipsAll gold glow edgeAll glow blue/purple/pink backAqua zebra glowMatte red rfs special fish scale glow dotsRainbow of death zebra glow

Rockcaster Fishing Story Angoli Deep Water Series Slow Pitch Jigs

$25.99 – $32.99
Red glow dotSilver blueZebra orangeSilver black zebra glowSilverTitanium zebra glow

Seafloor Control Cranky Slow Pitch Jig

$34.99 – $38.99
Zebra pinkSilverGold red zebra glowPink blue

Seafloor Control Arc Slow Pitch Jig

$35.99 – $39.99
Red glow dotChart pink zebra glowSmoke pink zebra glowSilver glowGold red zebra glowTitanium zebra glow

Seafloor Control Rector Slow Pitch Jig

$35.99 – $41.99
Ghost zebra glowZebra pinkGold orangePink blueChart pink zebra glowTitanium zebra glow

Seafloor Control Messiah Semi-Long Slow Pitch Jig

$37.99 – $46.99
#002 blue & pink#003g red & gold glow belly#007g blue & pink zebra glow#008g silver double end glow#009 copper gold#010g full glow#004 green & gold#005g uroco silver zebra glow#006g pink gold zebra glow#008g uroco silver double end glow#006g pink & gold zebra glow#001 uroco silver#014guv aluminum silver double end glow#013guv aluminum silver zebra glow tip#102g red glow dot#014 aluminum silver double end glow#11 aluminum silver#012g aluminum silver glow head#101g purple glow dot#014guv aluminum silver double end glow#006g pink gold zebra glowPink gold zebra glowUroco silver double end glowRed glow dot

UROCO Jig Original Slow Pitch Jig - TRUE JDM

$26.99 – $39.99
Zebra glowBlueOrangeGoldPinkGlowAll gold zebraAll gold pink stripe zebra glow

JYG Pro Deep 200G Slow Pitch Jigs

$13.99 – $15.99
Pearl dot glowSilverChart yellow zebra glowRed dot glowSilver orange zebra glowHolographic red dot glowPearl zebra glowSilver black zebra glowOrange zebra glowPink silver blueGhost zebra glowSmoke pink zebra glow

Seafloor Control Secret Rector Slow Pitch Jig

$28.99 – $43.99



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