RFS Rockcaster Fishing Story Angoli / Faith / Ruby / Skipjack / Coral / Pompano

$11.99 – $37.99

The RCFS Angoli is by far one of the best action jigs on the market. Each jig is hand made by master lure creator Linga. One of the best Slow Pitch...

Skipjack- Pink Edge Glow Belly

The RCFS Angoli is by far one of the best action jigs on the market. Each jig is hand made by master lure creator Linga. One of the best Slow Pitch fisherman in the world, Linga has been hand producing SPJ for over 13 years now. We are proud to be the exclusive supplier in the US. 


The Angoli's ability to dart to the bottom quickly and stay vertical while dancing thru the water way makes it a deadly jig for any collection. 

Additional Information

40g, 150g, 200g, 250g, 300g, 360g, 400g, 430g, 510g, 160g, 150g / angoli, 160g / angoli, 200g / angoli, 200g / skipjack, 205g / coral, 250g / angoli, 300g / angoli, 400g / ruby, 303g pompano


Skipjack- pink edge glow belly, Skipjack- tequila sunrise, Skipjack- gold blue zebra glow, Angoli- pink holo zebra, Angoli- pink holo zebra glow, Faith- pink zebra holo, Faith- orange zebra holo, Angoli- rainbow of death zebra glow, Angoli- rainbow of death glow edge, Angoli- blue holo glow tip, Angoli- holographic, Faith- yellow zebra glow, Faith- pink zebra glow, Faith- orange zebra glow, Aqua zebra glow, Angoli- black orange glow edge, Angoli- green sardine/ herring, Angoli- red silver zebra glow back, Skipjack- yellow zebra glow, Skipjack- orange zebra glow/holo back, Ruby- pink zebra glow, Ruby- orange zebra glow, Ruby- emerald glow tips, Ruby- holo pink zebra glow, Ruby- red gold green holo zebra glow, Ruby- gun metal holo zebra glow, Matte black zebra glow, Matte red zebra glow, All glow blue/purple/pink back, Angoli- black glow bottom rfs special fish scale glow dot, Angoli- aqua glow tips, All gold glow edge, Matte red rfs special fish scale glow dots, Ruby- yellow zebra glow, Angoli- bright yellow super zebra glow, Angoli- blue orange glow edge, Angoli- blue purple glow edge, Angoli- pink zebra glow, Angoli- pink zebra glow/glow scale back, Blue pink zebra glow, Purple yellow glow belly (joker), Rainbow of death glow edge, Gold zebra glow, Pink glow tips, Angoli- pink crackle glow, Angoli- orange crackle glow, Angoli- chartreuse crackle glow, Blue foil zebra glow, Rainbow of death zebra glow, Purple foil chart belly, Pink foil zebra glow, All glow pink tips, All glow orange tips, All glow yellow tips, Rainbow of death foil zebra glow, Pink blue foil zebra glow, All glow pink tip, Chrome glop tip orange, Chrome glow tip blue, Chrome glow tip pink, Yellow zebra glow, Orange zebra glow, All glow pink edge, Pink zebra glow, Sardine, All glow orange tip, All glow yellow tip, Orange crackle

Shipping & Delivery

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